Our Values

Worship Attributing worth to God
Prayer Communicating with God

Biblical Instruction A desire to learn and apply the truths of Scripture

Discipleship Walking alongside one as he or she becomes a disciple maker

Excellence Giving God our best because He deserves it

Leadership An ability to encourage others to pursue God's mission

Stewardship Managing well the time, spiritual gifts and treasure God gives us

Unchurched Loving the community outside the church because God does

Our Mission

Making disciples who make disciples

Our Vision

Five Hundred active disciple makers on the ground in Woodstock.

We believe that five hundred mature followers of Jesus who are each walking beside one or two others as they become disciple makers will radically transform our city and expand God's Kingdom. This vision reaches beyond our congregation and includes several other churches in Woodstock. We are excited for God to use us to reach Woodstock.